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Audience: 11 to 13 years old
Language: English
Where: Montreal
Duration of the activity: September 2012 to April 2013

Sifting through archives in search of hidden treasure and embarking on a quest to find information from the past: The adventure begins as we seek ways to discover how our predecessors left their mark.

In developing this project, the goal of Blue Metropolis and the McCord Museum is to introduce young people to the power of words by tapping into the past and developing interest in the personal archives of prominent Quebec Anglophones from the last century.

After visiting the McCord Museum, six classes will work in collaboration with a writer and an archivist to produce an original written document, which may take the form of a diary entry, a letter or a poem.

Divided into groups, the participants will then exchange their diary, letter or poem with a group from another class. With the help of a visual artist (illustrator, photographer or sculptor), they will then create a unique art object that illustrates the content of the other group’s document.