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New: Creation of an electronic magazine in a second language under the guidance of experts

Public: extracurricular programme for young people aged 14 to 19 in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec

Language: English and French

Length of the activity: 6 months in 2009-2010

Partners: Canadian Heritage, LEARN, Community Learning Centers, Canadian Parents for French


Neighbours / Voisins is an innovative project targeting young people aged 14 to 19 in an extracurricular context. It is aiming to improve young Canadians’ linguistic abilities in the second official language through the development, creation and production of an electronic magazine.

In the development, creation and production of the Neighbours / Voisins e-zines, young Canadians will open up their minds, their interest, their imaginations and their reporting skills to people who share their community and geographical location, but who do so in the other official language. Young anglophones will develop an e-zine in French focused on activities and events of their francophone neighbours, and young francophones will develop an e-zine in English focused on their anglophone neighbours’ community activities and events. In the process, young Canadians will get to know how life is lived in the other language, they will become familiar with the issues and activities that matter most to their neighbours who speak the other language at home, and they will enhance their own linguistic and cultural experience and understanding.

We invite community centres and public libraries in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec to take part in this project. We ask them to provide the space and the computers for the participants.

We are looking for a person in this community centre or public library to lead the project in collaboration with Blue Metropolis Foundation (BMF). Ideally this person will have the following qualifications: fluent bilingualism, web expertise, appropriate experience working with young people, and an editorial / journalism background. The most important qualification is motivation!

BMF will bring into the community three guest experts with experience in the production of an e-zine (e.g. e-zine editor, reporter, broadcast journalist, photographer, cartoonist) to inspire and guide the youth in conceptualizing and planning their e-zine.

BMF will provide some of the equipment and material for the project. This will be decided depending of the needs for the e-zine (e.g. web magazine software, guide booklet, web hosting, cameras, digital recorders). The equipment will remain in the hands of the community centre / public library to facilitate later editions of the e-zine.

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