Rhythm and Words


Project Description

  • Level: High school
  • Class: French as a Second Language and/or English as a Second Language
  • Number of available places: 2 groups of approximately 30 students each. A total of 60 students.
  • Incentive: $1,000 will be given to the school that chooses to participate in the project. If two schools take part in the project, this amount will be divided in two.

Rhythm and Words is to stimulate interest in bilingualism and promote better intercultural understanding through rap and slam.

Guided by two author-composers, the students will write a bilingual song, and then produce a video-clip inspired by their lyrics.

The video-clips that will be produced will be posted online as part of a national contest in which friends, parents and music lovers will vote for their favourite clip. The young people who produce the clip that gets the most votes will receive tickets to a concert or a show.

The project will begin in January and end in June, when the contest winners will receive their prize at an event organized for this purpose.

Information and registration

For any information or to register to this program, please contact Florence Allegrini, Operation Manager by phone 514 932-1112 ext 30 or by e-mail florence.allegrini@bluemetropolis.org.


Heartstreets (HS), which is composed of Gab Godon and Emma Beko, started as a childhood friendship that organically blossomed through their love of dance and 90s hip­hop. Born in Budapest being half Peruvian, Emma Beko grew up in Montreal and got most of her rap influence from living in New York. Gab Godon was born and raised in Montreal and listened to a lot of 90s R&B.

Based in Montreal, the girls have spent the past few years working on their craft and performing throughout the city. After releasing a string of critically acclaimed singles, they released their first EP titled You and I, in May 2016. An ode to love and all the emotions and adventures you can go through when you are close to someone.

Following the success of the EP they were invited to share the stage with the likes of Gallant, The Internet, Daniel Caesar, Charlotte Cardin, Busty and the Bass and Dead Obies just to name a few.
Named by NYLON Magazine one of 5 Canadian acts that you should listen to right now, HS have gained fans every time they step foot on a stage.

 https://www.heartstreets.com/| https://www.facebook.com/HeartStreets/

Camille Trudeau-Rivest

Graduated from a bachelor in Film Production at Concordia University in Montreal, Camille travelled and filmed in Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico for two year. The creation and distribution of film and digital art are not only a goal and a dream, but a passion. Her present post-graduate studies in Communications and Technologies enrich the films she’s currently finishing and inspire her vision of cinema and the arts. Working with children has always been part of her life too; she works as a swimming and gymnastic teacher and in various schools helping kids developing their creative side.