Previous Projects

Sounds Like Quebec


Radio reporting workshop for high school students
In English (see Carnet sonores for the French version of the programme)
From 2006 – 2008
Length of the activity: the programme lasted approximately 5-6 months

Created in 2006 and continuing through 2008, Sounds Like Quebec enabled high school students from Montreal and outlying regions to learn about radio reporting while telling others about their communities.

Working directly with a broadcast journalist and a sound editor, the students developed their own journalistic and technical skills to produce a 3-5 minute radio documentary on their community, using representative local sounds (such as the voices of community members; local music; songs; stories; and the sounds of nature or the sounds of industry) to describe their town’s contribution to Quebec culture. This innovative project gave participants an opportunity to express themselves and develop their creativity.

The student productions were made available as podcasts so that others could hear the results of their efforts. The project was designed to build bridges across cultural communities and showcase the richness of the communities in which the participating students live.

The project, which was open to English Language Arts at English Secondary schools across Quebec, was conducted in the classroom and included meetings with the participating broadcast journalist and the sound editor.

A French version of the programme was also available for two academic years. See Carnets sonores.