Welcome to the realm of words that have the power to heal, to change those who read them, to transform those who write them and to play a part in opening up a dialogue on compelling and significant issues.

The therapeutic powers of reading and writing are well documented, with research showing that they can change emotions as well as perceptions.

This website was created by Blue Metropolis Foundation, whose mission is to bring together people of different languages and cultures to share the pleasures of reading and writing. Blue Metropolis has developed and sustained a number of initiatives online, in the classroom and in the community that use the power of words to combat social exclusion, poverty and prejudice.

Whether you are a young reader or a parent, teacher, or social facilitator, the novels and poems suggested here will both transport you to other worlds and, we hope, transform you

Blue Metropolis at a glance

Blue Metropolis Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1997 that brings together people from different cultures to share the pleasures of reading and writing, and encourages creativity and intercultural understanding. The Foundation produces an Annual Literary Festival of international calibre and offers a wide range of educational and social programmes year-round, both in classrooms and online. These programmes use reading and writing as therapeutic tools, to encourage academic perseverance, and fight against poverty and social isolation.