Homophobia Writing Exercises for Teens

Will Grayson, John Green & David Levithan



On a cold night in Chicago, a gay teenager and a straight one with the same name, but very different lives, beliefs, attitudes and friendships cross and find themselves headed in new and unexpected directions. This new path takes them through falling in love, learning to talk to their parents, falling out of love, deepening friendship and – ultimately – the most amazing high school musical ever. A collaborative novel by leading YA writers, Will Grayson, Will Grayson is smart, soulful, hilarious, and filled with people and relationships readers will recognize and care for.

“i think of everything that’s happened, and how when i go home i won’t really have anyone to tell it to. then I look at tiny and, surprising myself, kiss him again. Because what the fuck. completely, what the fuck.

this goes on for some time. i am getting totally big-boned from kissing someone big boned. and in between the making out, he’s asking me where i live, what happened tonight, what i want to do with my life, what my favourite ice-cream flavor is. i answer the questions I can (basically, where i live and the ice-cream flavour) and tell him i have no idea about the rest of it.

nobody’s really watching us, but i’m beginning to feel that they are. So we stop and i can’t help but think about isaac, and how even though this whole thing is an interesting development, all-in-all things still suck in a tornado-destroyed-my-home kind of way. tiny’s like the one room left standing. i feel i owe him something for that, so i say

me: I’m glad that you exist.

tiny: I’m glad to be existing right now.

me: you have no idea how wrong you are about me

tiny: you have no idea how wrong you are about yourself.”

Writing Prompt 1
One of Will Grayson, Will Grayson’s turning points is the scene in which Tiny and Will Grayson first meet, but we don’t see everything that happens between them that evening. Given what different people they are, imagine how “opposites attract” and write a short conversation between them that might have happened that night.
450-650 words

Writing Prompt 2
Sometimes a single event or encounter can change a person’s life; we see this when Will Grayson meets and falls in love with Tiny, which prompts him to come out quite suddenly. Write a short scene about an event or meeting you can imagine prompting a similar, positive change in your life. What happens? How does it affect you?
450-700 words

Writing Prompt 3
Tiny discovers important truths about love and friendship by writing and staging a musical. Write a short scene and/or a song from an imaginary musical about something important you’ve learned about friendship.
450 – 700 words

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