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Romeo et Juliette

French Second Language and French

Through the power of words and the writing of a story or letter, this project aims to demonstrate the connection between two famous lovers, Romeo and Juliet, via an interaction between two young people who don’t know one another.

Stage Write

Under the guidance of professional playwrights, anglophone students will write and produce a short radio play based on a real or imagined dramatic incident in their community. The students will record and edit the finished play which will be available as podcasts on the Blue Metropolis and other Web sites.


Online writing workshops led by well-known authors, teleliterature helps develop literary interests and creativity in students living in distant regions.

Tranches de vie

(French Second Language)

A professional journalist and a photographer will help the students to create a portrait through sound and images of ordinary people, showing lives full of stories. For out more…

Voices from Quebec

Working with an author, a broadcast journalist, a sound editor and an oral history consultant, students produce short audio documentaries. Participants tell other students across Quebec about their own communities, Listen to their voices! Find out more…

Words and Images

Students take a text created by another class, add illustrations and keep the story going. Find out more…

Writing for a Song

In Writing for a Song students will work with contemporary Canadian songwriters in person, through videoconferencing and an Internet platform. This new programme is intended to help students use their language skills to create song lyrics. The French-language version of the programme is entitled Parole, parole, parole. Find out more…