The Perform-aging Library

The Perform-Aging Library

This Multimedia tool will help you to age positively like a great vintage, because aging is not always synonym of decline. In the aim to spread the positive effects of humour on the ageing process Blue Metropolis offers you an online library which contains a collection of novels, comics and videos from Anglo Quebecers and foreign authors, who approach different issues such as the loss of autonomy, the distance of child, the sickness and others through humour.


The collection:


Learn about our collection with a wide range of literary works, for every preferences and ages! The Perform-aging Library is a way to approach the difficulties of ageing while maintaining your mental wellness, but also to sensibiliser and gather people from all ages and from different background.


Consult the narratives and interviews recorded by authors, journalists, actors and collaborators of Blue Metropolis. Take also the opportunity to watch or review the humorous stand-up of the Simply Hilarious project.


Our online collection also offers you some jewels of the seventh art, to consume without moderation. Those films have been selected for their abilities to offering you a moment of happiness with your family! Pick one, settle down comfortably in your couch and enjoy!

An inclusive Library :

This digital library is also yours! Your opinion is important for Blue Metropolis because without your support the festival wouldn’t exist. For this reason, we would like to include your favourite novels to our collection.

We are interest by your opinion and your favorite reading for the enrichment of our digital library! This space is dedicated to you, here you can submit the novels you enjoyed the most. They will be studied by our administrator and added to the digital library.

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