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Unearth Our Past

photo credit: Monique Dykstra

Quebec High School students visit a graveyard (credit: Monique Dykstra)

This educational program allowed students throughout the province of Quebec to research local cemeteries in search of heroes and role models buried there, and to turn the stories of their lives into short dramatic works, to be presented at schools and in the community. Each phase of this project was covered by the CBC’s Julia Caron. This initiative was made possible by Canadian Heritage, TD, LEARN and the Community Learning Centres.

1) Visiting Mount Hermon Cemetery

Unearth Our Past was a project that highlighted stories discovered in some of Quebec’s scenic cemeteries. CBC’s Julia Caron met with students from Quebec High School as they visited Mount Hermon Cemetery in Sillery.

Check out Quebec High School’s visit to the cemetery HERE!

2) Photographer Monique Dykstra shares her passion

Photographer Monique Dykstra came up with the idea for Unearth Our Past, after being inspired by Mount Royal Cemetery, in Montreal, her hometown. She encouraged students in Quebec City to learn more about their local history while taking photographs.

3) Bringing History to Life through Theatre

The cemeteries have been visited, the plays have been written… Now it’s rehearsal time, a phase of the project led by playwright Jesse Stong. CBC’s Julia Caron brings us the lively sounds of a Quebec High classroom.

4) Local Nazi spy story becomes fodder for high school play

A Nazi spy story in New Carlisle is real-life fodder for this school’s play, as part of the Unearth Our Past project.

5) Students perform at the Festival

Throughout the winter, the five high school classes conducted research and developed their projects. Now, spring has arrived, and the students get to see the results of their hard work. CBC’s Julia Caron gives us a sample of their final presentation.

Click HERE to see a PDF version of the book “Unearth Our Past”.

Check out the excerpts filmed at the Festival !


photo credit : Monique Dykstra

Quebec High School’s graveyard’s visit in December 2014 (credit : Monique Dykstra)


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