Words to change … In Ville-Marie

This three-part cultural mediation project, facilitated by Samuel Bricault and visual artist Charlem, have taken place in the classroom and in the urban environment. First, Samuel met with sixth graders at École Garneau to talk about bullying and resilience, based on his own experience. The project continued with writing and visual art workshops on the topic of how to change the world for the better, starting with Ville-Marie, and how to change oneself. This work, including writing and painting created by the young artists and writers, was launched in the presence of mentors, teachers and young students and took the form of a public exhibition at Parc Coupal from May to September 2019.


Samuel Bricault

From an early age, Samuel Bricault demonstrates creative qualities out of the ordinary. At the age of eight, he laid the foundation for an imaginary universe called Société Magique Futur. At the age of fourteen, Les Éditions Messagers des Etoiles published his first collection of poetry entitled Illégitime Défense. In August 2009, at the age of nineteen, Samuel founded La Société Magique Futur. In April 2011, he published the first book of his series, le dernier des Immortels, which will count eight volumes. In October 2012, he presents his first psychological drama: Creation. Laureate of the literary challenge un Bouquet de Rose, Samuel is in its tenth publication. Samuel Bricault runs workshops in elementary and high schools. Since his first conference in October 2011, he has met more than 12,500 youth and given more than 500 conferences (Quebec, Manitoba and New Brunswick) on bullying, promoting life, writing and the right, for oneself, to believe in his ability to realize his dreams.



Charlem is a versatile painter who made one of the world’s largest canvases at the Biosphere Museum of Canada. Since then, he has produced several exhibitions and murals throughout Quebec, as well as in Latin America. Involved in the artistic field since the year 2000, he has represented emerging artists from the Laurentians for 4 years, animated more than 80 television programs on the visual arts and the outdoors. He shared his passion with thousands of students at workshops, or lectures on the arts in the school setting. All of his accomplishments and travels have allowed him to create a variety of collections that never cease to surprise. His dynamism and passion for the arts make him an energetic and contagious artist.


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