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Writing Platforms for Teens and Adults

“One writes because no one listens.” – Georges Perros

Reading and Writing Platforms for Teens

Do you ever have the feeling that no one listens to you? Writing is relaxing and can help you find your voice. Why not use the power of words to say what’s on your mind? Whether you keep it to yourself or say it out loud for all to hear, your thoughts and feelings have a place here…

For Example, Slam as a Way to Express Yourself

Reading and writing platforms for teachers, or for parents of youth at risk

This website provides you with tools that are not only useful and practical, but fun too, to help you organize your message and to share it. Whether it’s for the pleasure of improving your writing style, or because you’ve penned a best-seller-to-be, or just to help you compose a very special letter to a very special someone, get a grip on those words and express yourself!

These reading and writing platforms that are intended for parents are also a good way to find out what teenagers are thinking about, and an opportunity, through the power of words, for parents to express what they are feeling and experiencing about the struggles of their teenage children.